If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably wondered what the perfect pitch is like. As simple as it may seem, when you can get into the nitty-gritty of it, it becomes a lot more nuanced and difficult. Today, in order to combat this, we will be going over several pitch examples.

Elevator pitch example #1: 2013 BPC Elevator Pitch Winner

Mr. Pugh gives us a stellar impression of himself and his service. His pitch is fast and confident. On top of that, every word adds to his pitch, nothing wastes time. He illustrates a recognizable situation, the problem, the solution, and finally, the specific request. Having a clear progression is key.

Elevator pitch example #2: The Wolf of Wall Street – Jordan got stunned everyone selling pink sheet

A classic example of how to say exactly what people want to hear. Perhaps it’s not the most ethical approach, but it’s surely effective. The thing we could learn from this example is how Mr. Belford (DiCaprio) fabricates the reality that best serves his purpose. Honesty is important, but telling your customer about your cheap desk and underperforming business isn’t going to help you turn your luck around. He doesn’t have a secretary, but now that he has a client, he might just get one later.

Elevator pitch example #3: Best Ever Door to Door Salesman

It’s a long one, but definitely worth the watch. Viewing any random minute of the video is surely to give you the right impression though. The man’s got rhythm, ad hoc answers ready to shoot, and an attitude that just makes you want to say yes. This door-to-door salesman is very aware of how to give the client a good time. Additionally, he knows how to effectively demonstrate the quality of his product.

Elevator pitch example #4: Elevator pitch examples

People often wrongfully assume they are prepared, but an opportunity might turn up when you least expect it, which could catch you fully off guard. The video exemplifies this splendidly. The take-away here is to not just write down a pitch to make sure the story is cohesive, but to also verbally practice it. Make sure your core points become second nature, practice often. It might just make the difference

Elevator pitch example #5: Winner of the BE 60-Sec Elevator Pitch Competition

Making sure people know and remember your brand is highly important, this pitcher fully achieved that. Strategic repetition is key to making sure people will think of you and your brand when the time is right. Added to that, she provides very clear instructions on how to actually get involved, and what it means to be involved.

Elevator pitch example #6: BEST PITCH YET HAS DRAGONS BLOWN AWAY! | Dragons Den

He knows he’s got a great product, and it shows! He isn’t taken aback by their aggression and stands his ground. Don’t degrade yourself to please your audience, you won’t win them all. As long as you make sure you stay true to yourself and don’t let yourself get pressured into resolutions, then you’ll be able to shield yourself from enticing, but toxic development.

Elevator pitch example #7: Chris Redlitz: Nailing the One-Minute Pitch

There is a clear introduction. The problem is made personal and familiar. After the problem is presented, then he presents the solution, himself. There is a certain lack of perceived enthusiasm, but arguably it adds to the emotional weight of the pitch. The last part felt a little out of sync with the rest, but after realizing he spoke with the beat of a heart it all fell into place. You don’t always have to be upbeat or jolly, your style should be tailored to your message.

Elevator pitch example #8: Elevator Pitch Winner

After viewing this you’ll have no doubt in your mind as to why this pitch won the competition. Very clear proposition, slogan, financial information, current achievements, and trajectory. One of the reasons this pitch is so great is because the product is presented in such a way that it’s solution cannot be quickly disputed. Making sure you know why your product cannot be ignored will surely help your pitch convince the audience.

Elevator pitch example #9: Hoodie Backpack by Quikflip Apparel w/ Rener Gracie (Part 1/5)

It’s highly recommended to watch the other four parts, but the first one will make sure of that. He brings a relatable story, personal touch, and a lot of the right energy, simply great. There is however a thing to note. The energy and confidence he brings are a double edged sword. If he did not have the numbers to back him up, then they might’ve just shut him down. Confidence and energy are great, but also be careful to create needless reluctance in your audience.