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Network training for entrepreneurs, business professionals and students that are eager to expand, sustain and make the best out of their network.

Experience the power of a large network. Learn how you quickly get to know new people, without any hassle.

Why a networktraining?

You are as strong as your network. No one can survive without the help of others. So it is smart to invest in your network. How do you get to know the right people? How do you meet people out of your target audience? How do you maintain your network in a manner that they will come to you if they need someone?

With a network training you learn how to network smartly. For now and later. Thus now you can benefit of;

About the training

Network training

Bliqsem offers a networking training, course or workshop during which you learn how to structurally build, maintain and use a network to achieve your goals. During an interactive training course Bliqsem explains the basic principles of networking and teaches you smart techniques to effectively start and maintain relationships.

Practical information

The network training is given to small and large groups. At your company, at your location or at Bliqsem’s office. Depending on the level of knowledge and the objectives, the meeting lasts from 60 minutes to half a day.



About trainer Ralf Fleuren


Networking is easier than you think

Ralf Fleuren is a marketing consultant, trainer and self-employed entrepreneur since 2007. He likes to share his lessons about networking with others who also want to learn how to network or get more results out of their existing network.

“Networking is more than just walking up to strangers, it’s about building good contacts with people you have a lot in common with. So that you can help each other later on when you need each other”.

“Netwerken is meer dan op vreemden afstappen, het gaat om het opbouwen van een goede contact met mensen waar je veel raakvlakken mee hebt. Zodat je elkaar later kunt helpen als je elkaar nodig hebt”

Netwerktrainer Ralf Fleuren (LinkedIn)

If you have any questions, feel free to contact ralf or request an offer directly!  

+31 6 3441 7041 or  ralf@bliqsem.nl

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