Pitch as lightning

A pitch training for everyone who wants to persuade others and share ideas in a persuasive manner

Learn the essence of pitching in one day. Start preparing and practicing your own pitch right away.

Why a pitch training?

An elevator pitch is a short presentation with a clear goal. In reality, everyone pitches daily. It is actually customary at work, school or in your free time. What are you doing? What is your plan? Could you tell us more about your idea? What do you want to achieve? You tell everything via a pitch.

During the pitch training you learn presentation skills, which improve your pitch. You learn a specific order of pitching and get tricks to bring your message across in the right way. Afterwards you can communicate in an impactful and persuasive manner with more confidence.


Presenting pursuasively

Learn how to powerfully present yourself and your ideas to your audience

Effective communication

Bring your ideas to the table in a persuasive manner to make a big leap forward

Learn Pitch techniques

With smart techniques you make a booming (first) impression


Include people in your story to motivate them and help you

About the training

The pitch training is given at various locations of Bliqsem in and around Eindhoven as an in-company given by Ralf Fleuren (LinkedIn profile), advisor and trainer for marketing, communication, connecting/networking and sales. The training has a lot of flexibility based on your own input and actual cases from the business world. The exact content is dependent on your work situation and goals, this way we can make sure that you, your clients, colleagues, or students get everything out of it.

Bliqsem offers two types of guidance for a flawless pitch:

1. Pitch workshops / training: interactive objectives in a smaller or big group, online or in-person, in-company or at one of our locations in Eindhoven.

2. Pitch coaching: one-on-one guidance for creating a flawless pitch, focused on your pitch goal specifically. Either online or at a location.

Coaching, workshops & trainingen

A perfect pitch for everyone.

Pitchworkshop / -training

A short hands-on workshop with a short explanation about pitching and one or multiple exercises to practice your pitch.

Ranging from 90 minutes till half a day. Group size up to 25 till 30 people. Either in English or in Dutch. After the workshop you have a clear view on how a good pitch works and you practiced this yourself. After this, you are motivated and knowledgeable enough to practice and enhance your pitch. Ralf can help you with this too.


Personal guidance for writing and preparing your pitch.

Based on your input about your goal, your audience and your message Ralf co-writes a pitch with you during multiple sessions. After this you practice the pitch yourself and together, we perfect the pitch during our practice sessions.


Organisations we have worked with:


Organising a pitchtraining?

Do you want to organise a pitchtraining? Ask for a quotation or contact us for more information.

A quotation/ information

Please fill in your contact information down below and we will be in contact with you within 24 hours to discuss your question. If it is an urgent question, call Ralf Fleuren at +31634417041 or email ralf@bliqsem.nl

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