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Founded By All Internship / Stage for Fontys students
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Zoek je een ondernemende stageplek op Strijp-S in Eindhoven?


Fontys en Bliqsem bieden een ondernemende stage voor Fontysstudenten op de ondernemende locatie van Founded By All in het Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (Strijp-S). Studenten kunnen tijdens deze stage opdrachten doen bij meerdere ondernemers op Strijp-S en hebbende daarnaast de mogelijkheid om aan een eigen onderneming(splan) te werken.

De stage is open voor Fontysstudenten van alle opleidingen van Fontys Hogeschool Economie en Communicatie. 

The internship is multilingual; international students are welcome to apply.

Looking for a challenging internship at Strijp-S in Eindhoven?


Fontys and Bliqsem offer a entrepreneurial internship for Fontysstudents at the startup location of Founded By All in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (Strijp-S). Students can do multiple assignments during their internship and get the opportunity to work on their own business(plan).

The internship is for all Fontys students from Fontys School of Business and Communication.

The internship is multilingual; international students are welcome to apply.

Previous activities

Every semester is different depending on the learning needs of the students.

Previous assignments

Assignments depend on you interest, what you want to learn and networkingskills (we support you in that).

Video's about the internship

Meet Ralf Fleuren

Ralf is appointed by Fontys to help students at Founded By All in their day-to-day internship. Ralf is en entrepreneur (bliqsem) and a member of Founded By All, where the internship takes place.

Feel free to contact Ralf with any question via ralf@bliqsem.nl or 06-34417041 (whatsapp also).

Check Ralf’s LinkedIn profile and connect via LinkedIn